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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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Sugar bowl made of Bohemian crystal


Decorate your table with one of the crystal sugar candies with a subtle, elegant décor. Sugar boxes are also a suitable small gift for your loved ones and friends.

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Orbit dose with lid 5K814 / 1/00000 / 180mm Orbit dose with lid 5K814 / 1 /00000 / 180mm Art.No.: 5K814/1/00000/180mm Sale
13,96 €
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Diamond sugar box 53400/14100 / 096mm Diamond sugar box 53400 /14100 / 096mm Art.No.: 990/53400/1/14100/096-109
8,13 €
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Products per page: 12 24 48 108
 Title Price