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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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How we pack orders

How we pack orders    Perhaps every customer when buying products from Bohemian crystal wonders if the goods will be sufficiently packed and delivered here in good order. Of course, we understand your concerns. That is why we have prepared for you a brief information article on how we pack and let products from our e-shop for you to prevent damage or even breakage. Part of the article is a video where you can see how carefully we wrap each glass. We also shot an improvised drop test, where we throw wrapped glasses from about 3 meters above.

How we pack and transport the ordered goods

Security of delivery of Bohemia Crystal goods is our priority and we pay attention to its highest quality. We have carefully tested all the different materials.
How we pack glasses?

Pack the sets of glasses as well as sets by removing each glass from the rake, wrapping it separately in bubble wrap and return it to the box. The box is then wrapped in blister foil.


Place the wrapped box in a 5-layer cardboard shipping box and fill the free space with cardboard pulp, which ensures that the box with glasses in the outer box does not move at all. In addition, the five-layer cardboard is very tear-resistant or dented when the box falls to the corner during transport. In addition, we mark the outer box with a fragile label and hand it over to the carrier, who knows that he should handle the package with care.

How we pack larger pieces like decanters, jugs, vases or bowls?

Individual piece goods such as cut vases, bowls or krafas for wine and whiskey are packed slightly differently than glasses. If there is only 1 piece in the package, remove it from the box. Then we flush the bottom of the box with a flopack, a material made of small polystyrene sticks, which get stuck together to form a safe layer around the goods.

In the next step put the piece back into the box and empty the space on the sides and under the lid again flopackem. Glue the box and put it in the outer box, where it is wrapped and labeled in the same way as for glasses.

As we have already mentioned, we hand over the goods to our carriers marked fragile. In addition, the goods are insured for their entire value for transport. So if in rare cases the shipment becomes damaged or lost during transport, you do not have to worry. We guarantee the replacement of goods by sending new goods, or by returning the entire price including shipping back to your account.

I hope we have assured you with this article that we are doing our utmost to ensure safe delivery of King Crystal products from Bohemia Crystal. Therefore, now you do not have to worry about anything and you can order peace at our e-shopu.