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Gift tips for gentlemen

Stylish gift ideas for men    The gift theme can be quite worrisome. Especially when you are running out of time, imagination, or both. This makes the Christmas season typical. That is why we bring you tips on how to choose gifts for men so that the person in question enjoys pure joy and uses it at every opportunity.

The key is to find out what is the gentleman's favorite drink.

Does he enjoy quality strong alcohol, such as whiskey, brandy, or various types of rum? Or is he more of a wine  person? Does he love wines and everything about tasting, decantation and wine etiquette? Or does he drink alcohol at all? After we clarify this, the choice begins.

And it is quite simple, because we know what you are looking for.

For the lover of strong alcohol, whiskey, rums and spirits, you should definitely give him one of the bottles for whiskey and spirits, which preserve alcohol perfectly and make a great decoration. You can also focus on spirits or whiskey glasses, of which we have a really wide selection. Or you can buy the whole set straight away.

For wine-lovers there is a wide selection of decanters and carafes, or even red or white wine glasses. If you like to celebrate with the gentleman you want to give the present to, definitely consider giving him champagne glasses ... together with a bottle of sparkling wine :)

For Czech classics - beer lovers - the  bulls eye will be a beer jug, which can be used for water, to help him with his water regime. Here is another tip. Almost nobody can imagine enjoying delicious cool beer without a beautiful sturdy mug (they happen do be in our storage, too :)

And if you need a gift for someone who does not like alcohol, we will definitely not disappoint you. You can give him a water jug, set for water or homemade lemonade. Water glasses, a beautiful and elegant letter opener or a gentleman's ashtray, which is a small work of art.

We believe that you found an inspiration and that you will choose gifts to mutual satisfaction. And let us repeat the one rule - if any gift is given with love and joy, it will definitely fulfill its purpose.