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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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Gift voucher = ideal gift

Gift voucher for products made of Bohemia Crystal    If you don't know what exactly to purchase to make someone happy, a gift voucher is there to make sure, you won´t miss. You literally can´t to make a bad choice with it. And you will avoid unpleasant surprises, or an embarrassing moment in case you missed the taste of the person.

How to purchase a voucher?

1) Choose a Gift voucher in the amount that suits you. You can do so HERE.
2) Put the voucher in the basket, just like any other goods on our website.
3) In the note in the order, you can write us who the voucher is for. If you do not fill in anything, the voucher will not specify who the voucher is for and you can give it to anyone.
4) After paying for the purchase, you will receive an e-mail voucher in electronic form suitable for printing.

How to redeem the voucher?

1) The voucher has a unique code that the recipient enters in the Discount Coupon Number field in the Cart section.
2) The voucher can be redeemed at any time, but no later than the end of the validity stated on it (1 year from purchase).
3) Done :)


Complaints about the Gift Voucher can only be made by the person who purchased the voucher from us. Within 14 days of payment of the order, according to the valid Terms.