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How to properly care for glass

How to properly care for glass    Did you buy glasses, cut vases, bowls or other Bohemia Crystal accessories from us and do not know how to care for them? We have prepared for you simple and brief instructions on how to care for Bohemia Crystal products according to the types of decorations. We will advise you what products are dishwasher safe and which should be hand washed only.

How to properly care for glass

We all know that the proper care for Bohemia Crystal products is important. It is hard to enjoy your favorite drink from a faded and dirty glass. Also, cut vases, bowls and other accessories exposed in your interior need to be cleaned regularly so that they do not lose their shine. In our e-shop you will always find in the product description information on whether or not a glass is dishwasher safe. We recommend that you follow this - to prevent unnecessary damage to the glass that does not belong in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher-safe products can be safely washed using conventional dishwashing products such as tablets, gels or gel capsules. Be sure to use a rinse aid. The dishwasher salt will not hurt the glass. We recommend only paying more attention when placing dishes in the dishwasher. Some glasses are more fragile, so they should not be in contact with heavier pieces of dishes to avoid breaking them. This applies in particular to wine glasses (glasses on foot), also some glasses for whiskey, soft drinks and brandy Club, Club/Atlantis and Rainbow. If your dishwasher has upper shank holders on the upper floor, it is ideal to hold the glass in the dishwasher. If there are no handles in the dishwasher, place the glasses in the dishwasher so that they do not fall during the wash cycle:


If you do not have a dishwasher or do not want to wash glass in the dishwasher, even though it is suitable for the dishwasher, we have the following steps for you:

In general, the use of detergents is not suitable for hand washing. They can leave a trace in the glass that will affect the taste of the next beverage to be served. Wash the glass under a moderate flow of hot water, preferably after drinking. Let the glass drip.


Then we proceed to the main activity related to glass care, polishing. Polishing a glass or other glasses is indeed the most important glass care activity. Below are the steps to polish your glass properly.

There are many types of polishes or advice from our grandmothers (using kitchen vinegar, glycerine, soda, etc.) to polish the glass as much as possible. Choose a cloth, preferably cotton or so-called "Swedish", or cloths designed directly on the glass, with which you can easily polish. Find your way so polishing is not a difficult and boring activity for you. Do not press the glass unnecessarily. Think positive, you want to keep these glasses looking beautiful forever for your loved ones, friends, family or business partners.

When polishing, we always start by wiping the base or the base of the glass (if the glass has one). To continue, gently wipe the cup from the outside from the stem to the mouth of the glass. Continue over the edge inside the glass cup. Classically "against the light" we continuously check the cleanliness of the glass and gradually polish the glass. Do not touch the polished glass with your fingers, but hold it over the cloth.

When washing bottles and vases, proceed by pouring warm water into them and allowing them to stand for a long time. Then use a brush to gently wash and wipe. If you are not satisfied, choose a polish to use. Before pouring the wine into the bottle or arranging the flowers in the vase, rinse the glass sufficiently so that there are no polish remnants.

ATTENTION Products that are not dishwasher safe have different rules for hand washing. This applies to Bohemia Crystal products decorated with gold and platinum: collection 43249, collection Jessie and all products in the collection Ultra Luxury collection.

Please do not use any detergent on these products. Wash only under moderately warm water. When polishing gilded surfaces, do not press or rub them, just wipe them lightly to avoid breaking the decoration. Also be careful when handling large ones cut vases. They are heavy enough, make sure they do not get knocked out.

Bohemia Crystal products were created by Czech glass masters who took care of the highest quality and precise finish. We will be very pleased if you care for these beautiful pieces with love and respect for the tradition of great Czech craft.