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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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How to properly care for glass

How to properly care for glass?    Do you have crystal glasses, cut vases, bowls, bottles or other accessories at home and you do not know how to take care of them? We have prepared a simple and brief guide for you on how to take care of (not only) Bohemia Crystal products according to the type and types of decorations. We will advise you which products can be washed in the dishwasher and which can be washed exclusively by hand.

Underestimating the care of crystal products does not pay off. It is difficult to enjoy our favorite drink from a faded and stained glass without shine. Also, cut vases, bowls and other accessories displayed in your interior need to be cleaned regularly so that they do not lose their brightness. In our e-shop, you will always find information in the product description on whether or not it is possible to wash the glass in the dishwasher. We strongly recommend that you follow this information. Only with proper care the glass will retain its brilliance and quality.

Dishwasher safe:

You can put products that are dishwasher safe in the dishwasher with a clear conscience and use common detergents that you are used to. If you use polish and salt, it´s ok.

Just be careful not to damage the glass when placing it in the dishwasher. Some glasses are more fragile, so they should not be in contact with heavier pieces of dishes. This will prevent unpleasant surprises and possible shards in the entire dishwasher. Not to mention the loss of a favorite piece of crystal. This warning applies in particular to wine glasses with a stem and some glasses for whiskey, soft drinks and spirits, such as Club, Club / Atlantis and Rainbow. If your dishwasher has glass handle holders, use them. The glasses and especially their stems fit beautifully into the holders. If the holders are not in the dishwasher, insert the glasses into the dishwasher so that they do not fall during the washing cycle. This will ensure not only quality washing, but also a happy reunion with intact glasses.

If you don't have a dishwasher or just don't want to use it, wash glasses by hand as follows:

When washing glass by hand, in general, the less detergent we use, the better. If you decide to use the detergent, it is necessary to rinse the glass very thoroughly so that the taste and aroma of the drink are not affected. Wash the glass under a medium stream of warm water, preferably immediately after drinking. Let the glass drip. If it happens that the wine or other beverage in the glass dries until the next day, fill the glass with water and let it soak for a few minutes. Wash off the sediment and then rinse gently.


It is not enough to just wash the glasses, it is also necessary to polish them properly so they show off their luster, brilliance and transparency.

There are many ways to polish glass perfectly. From professional polishes to grandma's advice about vinegar, glycerin, baking soda, ... we have a very simple tip for you. Take a dry and clean cotton cloth, or a microfiber cloth, or cloths designed directly for the glass and get started. No polishes. When you turn glass polishing into your ritual, it will go quickly, smoothly and you´ll be done before you know it. There is no need to put too much pressure on the glass. Just enough strokes and everything is done, ready for another nice visit of your loved ones, relatives and friends.

When polishing, we always start by wiping the base of the glass (if the glass has one). We continue by gently wiping the cup of the glass from the stem to the opening of the glass from the outside. We continue over the edge inside the glass cup. Against the light, we continuously check the cleanliness of the glass and gradually finish the glass. We hold the already polished parts of the glass over a cloth.

When washing bottles and vases, we proceed by pouring warm (not hot!) Water into them and letting them soak for a longer time. Then gently wash and wipe with a brush. If you are not satisfied, reach for the polish you will use. However, we do not recommend this for products that come into contact with food, drinks or mouth. If you still resort to the use of polish, before pouring the wine into a bottle or arranging flowers in a vase, rinse the glass sufficiently so that there are no polish remains in them.

Dishwasher safe:

CAUTION! Products that are not dishwasher safe have different hand washing rules. This applies to Bohemia Crystal products decorated with gold and platinum: the 43249 collection, the Jessie collection and all products from the Ultra Luxury collection.

For these products, please do not use any detergent when washing. Wash only under moderately warm water. When polishing, do not press or scratch the gilded surfaces, just wipe lightly so the decoration is not damaged. Also be careful when handling large cut vases. They are heavy, be careful not to drop them.

Bohemia Crystal products were created for you by Czech glass masters, who paid attention to the highest quality and precise design during their production, to the tiniest detail. We will be very pleased if you will take care of these beautiful pieces with love and respect for the tradition of great Czech craftsmanship. As a reward, they will last forever and will be part of the memory of you.