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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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Lead and lead-free crystal

Lead and lead-free Bohemia Crystal    Do you know the difference between lead and lead-free crystal? Do you want to know more about the differences and features of both types of crystal? This article will briefly explain everything.

Lead and lead-free crystal

The difference between lead and lead-free crystal is not nearly as complex as it might seem. The raw materials for the production of lead and lead-free crystal are more or less the same. The main bed, which contains only lead crystal, is lead oxide. The proportion of this enamel is generally 24%.


Properties of lead crystal

The production of lead crystal is older and more traditional. Lead crystal products are usually known to be slightly heavier than lead crystal products. Lead crystal is suitable for both machine and handmade production. Compared to lead-free crystal, it is much more suitable for decoration with more complex cut decors, such as dekor Pk500. It has its reasons, the polished surfaces of lead crystal create a very interesting refraction of light, therefore lead crystal is characterized by a beautiful shine, which in combination with cut crystal creates a beautiful play of colors against the light.

Lead crystal production is more demanding, which is also reflected in higher product prices. Therefore, it is mainly made from this material gift assortment of goods. Mazi's most popular products of lead crystal include products from the collections: Sheffield, Dover, Brixton,, ZigZag, křišťálové figurky and others.

Lead crystal is normally dishwasher safe. Only products that are decorated with gold or platinum should only be washed by hand so as not to damage the decoration.


Properties of lead-free crystal

Lead-free crystal is used more for the production of thin-walled tables, household and gastro glass (jars and decanters), but it also produces vases, bowls and jewelry. Its quality is as high as that of lead crystal. Lead-free crystal is used for both machine and hand-made production. Lead-free glasses are suitable for decoration with a light, light cut such as a glass from a collection: Stardust or Atlantis. Lead-free crystal products have a lower weight and are dishwasher safe. Here, too, there is an exception for gold and platinum decors, which need only be hand washed.

As we have already mentioned, both types of crystal are of high quality, so you will not make a mistake if you choose from one or the other variant.