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Do you know that Czech crystal is not just glasses, vases, bowls and decanters, but also jewelery and various accessories?

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Machine production of Bohemian crystal

Video from the machine production of Bohemia Crystal    Video with short description of interesting machine production of glasses, vases, bowls and jugs Bohemia Crystal. You can look under the lid and see where the Czech crystal products are made.

Video from machine production of Czech crystal




The video walks you through the entire production process, with the following steps:

1) First, a loose mixture is prepared, the main raw material of which is scarifying sand.

2) The mixture is melted in large furnaces where the temperature exceeds 1000 ° C.

3) The glass is pressed in stand-up into prepared metal forms (Production of such a mold is very costly, moves in a row of hundreds of thousands, and must be very accurate). The molds are mainly pressed bowls, vases and decanters.

4) Glasses of various shapes and sizes are produced by a special rotary machine that compete with the chalices, stems and bottoms, as can be seen in the video (several hundred thousand pieces are produced daily).

5) After cooling, the glass is further cleaned, polished, grinded and treated.

6) Strict output control follows.

7) In the last step, the products are packaged.

The human factor still plays a major role in machine production. Particular people are behind the creation of product designs, the precise production of molds, the operation of production lines (where there is not only a very high temperature but also heavy noise) and last but not least, a strict quality control. The result of their work are beautiful and high-quality Czech crystal products that honor the tradition and history of the world-famous Bohemia Crystal brand.

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