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How to care for jewelry

How to care for Bohemia Crystal jewellery    Did you choose jewelry - earrings, pendant or jewelry set Bohemia Crystal in our e-shop and are not sure how to care for them? In this article we will advise you on how to wear jewelry, whether you can shower with it or not, how and where to store jewelry, so I would still be clean and shiny and could decorate you and make you happy as long as possible.

How to care for jewelry

Every woman will be delighted by a gift in the form of jewelry. However, in general, we do not think much about jewelry care - we put it where it comes to our minds, bathe and shower with them, we wear them in the sauna, during bedding or in sports, which of course is not good. Let us describe in this article how to take care of the jewelry purchased from us so that you can enjoy their shine and quality as long as possible.
The basis is the correct wearing of jewelry. It means that the evening jewelry (eg: Heart, Vanessa) should not be worn when you play tennis or in a swimming pool. The crucial point here is to avoid any mechanical damage (strong impacts, scratches, breakages) or chemicals (perfumes, deodorants, body lotions and soaps, chlorine, etc.) on the jewelry.
As outlined above, crystal jewelry must avoid any contact with water, as well as activities that cause excessive sweating.
You will receive the ordered jewelry in a gift box, which not only looks nice, but is also practically functional. When unpacking the jewel, note how it is stored in a plastic bag in a gift box. This is exactly how you should store your jewelry when you remove it. Jewelry can also be stored in a jewel box or ring finger.

If you want to clean your jewelry, use a polishing cloth. For silver jewelry (eg: Lynx, Libra, Greentree,) silver polishing liquid can be used.

Remember that taking care of a jewel will greatly affect its viability.

If the jewel is damaged in any way, do not try to repair it yourself. Always consult an expert.

We are very pleased that you chose the jewelry on our e-shop and you are interested in taking care of it. We wish you to enjoy it as long as possible and take care of it so that it will escape the tooth of time.


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