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Types of earring closures

Overview of earring closures Bohemia Crystal    We have prepared someting for you - an overview of the 7 most used types of earring closures. Let's take a closer look.

In the following lines, we bring you an overview of the basic types of earring closures that you will encounter during earring shopping. Each type has a picture to give you an idea of ​​how specifically the earring closure is designed. Some closures are more reliable than others, but you will only find the more reliable ones in our e-shop, because we stock only high quality jewelry and it would be shame to lose it due to a loose closure.


Push closure

This closure is used extensively, especially with small earrings. It is small and discreet. It consists of a shaft on which there is usually a groove, which the cap fits into. The advantage is that when the earrings get caught in something (clothes, hair, ...), they loosen up and your ear stays unharmed. The disadvantage is that the earrings come loose and it is easier to lose them. But the higher quality the jewelry is, the more reliable this closure is. It´s very easy to use and it can be done really quickly.

Screw closure

The screw closure is also used for smaller, lighter earrings. It works on exactly the same principle, as the push closure, just instead of a sliding cap, it fits the so-called balloon, which fulfills the function of a nut and the shaft, which has a thread on it, fulfills the function of a tiny screw. This closure is widely used in our e-shop, because it is highly reliable. The difficulty of using it is a bit higher and slower than with the previous type, but it is still very easy, especially after you try it a few times.


Leverback closure

Leverback closure is the first choice for almost all types of earrings - smaller, larger even dangling. It is a hook, which is secured by the lever on the other side. It closes the hook when threaded through the earlobe. This closing is very simple to use, fast and reliable. It requires more material, which can be reflected in the price of earrings.



Latch closure

Also called clicks, are discreet and do not interfere with the design of the earring. The clicks are used for shorter earrings and are completely covered by an earlobe. The shaft has a groove on it, into which the movable part of the earring fits. Using it is very easy, fast and smooth. Like the push closure, when the earring gets stuck in the hair or sweater, it is easily loosened and the ear is not injured. It can be easier to get lost. The fastening of our products has a sturdy joint, so the risk of loss is minimized.


Hinge closure

This closure is mainly used for earrings in the shape of smaller hoops, or those that hug the earlobe tightly. It works by bending the earring in the hinge and snapping the bar on one side into the slot on the opposite side of the earring. The advantage is maximum safety, which is redeemed by a slightly more dificult handling. This is perhaps the only closure for which we will give up our daily removal before going to bed. With a little practice, however, it's still just a closure, not rocket science, so don't be afraid and go for it :)


Fish hook

The most commonly used type of closure for jewelry is a hook, sometimes it is still secured with a silicone cap. But mostly it relies on the weight of the earring, which does not allow the hook to slip out of the earlobe. The hook is very popular. Unfortunately, the simplicity and speed of using is redeemed by the risk of loss. It is ideal for ordinary or lower quality jewelery, where its loss does not affect your budget so much. You will usually not find this type of closure in our e-shop.



Ideal for ladies with non-pierced earlobes. The advantage is non-invasive and really fast handling. The disadvantage - can be lost very easily. Very modern in the 70's. Use for bijoutery and cheaper pieces, due to the greater probability of loss.



Some jewelers state that some earrings do not have to be put away for the night thanks to certain types of closures, but we recommend taking all types of earrings off before going to bed, because this will increase their lifespan ... and your sleep will be more comfy :)

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